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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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conduct after her daughter turned up dead. her daughter and two friends, who turned out to be suspect in her killing, were supposed to go roller skating and the white marsh area and were to be driven there by the sister of one of those suspects. as it turns out, went turnage reached out to one of the boys and called him on the phone, he began telling her a strange story about his sister's boyfriend. >> he said my sister did not take them, her boyfriend took them. he said he is a police officer and he did not take them. >> as the family was looking for her on sunday, she stopped by the boy's home in the morning and a man identified himself as a baltimore city police officer. >> i said there -- they said
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there was a police officer involved, and he said yes, i am the one, but i never took them. >> sources say the officer is dating a relative of one of the suspects. the same sources say investigators want to know whether the officer knew about the shooting and did not report it, and whether he counseled the suspects on what to do with monae turnage after she was shot, including what to do with her body. police had previously said that the two boys and turnage were playing with a 22 caliber rifle and that it went off, hitting her, and that they hit her body in an alley under some plastic bags. >> with kind of suspected from the beginning that there was an adult involved. those kids are 12 and 13 years old. they would not have known what to do. somebody had to coax them and
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tell them. >> police are only confirming that the officer was suspended, and nothing else. as far as the rest, a 12-year- old and 13-year-old boys have been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and remain in juvenile detention tonight. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. the voting process is under way against john leopold and the police chief but some in the community voiced their opinions last night during a board meeting, calling on the leaders to resign. leopold was indicted on charges of misconduct in office. the voting started at 6:00 this morning and will end around 11:00 tonight. the senate is mulling over a so- called doomsday budget that cost nearly $800 million out of the state spending plan. legislation will extend the sales tax of some 30 services,
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everything from shoe repair to fitness clubs. david collins joins us live from the state house with the latest. >> as you describe, balancing the state budget remains a moving target. there are all sorts of options on the table. >> if the revenue component should fail -- >> if tax hikes and other measures failed to pass, the committee is looking at plans b and c, otherwise known as the doomsday budget. a plan to balance the cuts as an alternative to the governor's budget, which contains taxes that the increases. senator david brinkley question whether the cuts go far enough. >> it could go further if the votes are there. we could shorten up on this a little bit. >> education funding will be slashed. the plan eliminates millions.
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baltimore city loses $6.90 million pledge by the governor to mitigate the cost of shifting teacher pensions. scholarships provided through members of the house and senate would be discontinued. higher education cuts. >> that would result in higher tuition and fees, larger classes. >> the general assembly is struggling to close a billion dollar deficit. the doomsday budget is being used to convince on the fence democrats to consider raising taxes. >> this is what is left. am i incorrect on that? >> i am not going to say the world will come to an end if all this came to pass, but it would be a different world. >> the proposal eliminates them cell research, police aid, reduces state agency operating expenses by 8%, and 500 jobs would be cut. the state workers left on the job would not get a cost-of-
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living increase. a budget balancing proposal extending the sales tax on services is not being well received. 30 services are on the table. the list includes property management, tax preparation, knocking our landing, dating an escort services, barber and beauty salon care, massage, physical fitness facilities, and your vehicle repair. legislators received 37,000 e- mails and opposition. >> what it would do is have the impact of increasing the cost of auto insurance to every driver in maryland. >> the general assembly set april 2 as the self-imposed deadline to come up with a balanced budget. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a big day for the gop presidential contest.
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nikole killion has more on what to look out for in tonight's commitment 2012 update. >> what happens tonight could decide the fate of the race for the white house. from virginia to vermont, massachusetts to ohio, 10 states take to the polls in conferences in the super tuesday showdown. >> this is a somewhat important day in my life today. >> i am sorry that my super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. >> the only exception was ron paul who is in idaho. newt gingrich was in his home state of georgia. political observers say the state to watch is ohio. >> for mitt romney, it is chance if he does well in a state like ohio to really wrap up this nomination. cracks and other crucial contest is tennessee. >> i would put that right next
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to ohio as one of the most important states. >> in virginia, only two out of four names appeared on the ballot. >> would it change your mind if newt gingrich and rick santorum had been on the ballot today? >> no. >> as for president obama during a press conference this afternoon, he was asked about super tuesday and what he would say to mitt romney. he said good luck tonight. >> we invite you to stay with us throughout the night for live coverage of the super tuesday results as they come in. brian williams will leave the team decision 2012 coverage starting at 10:00 p.m., followed by 11 news at 11:00 right here on wbal-tv. get an update sent to your phone from
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>> a volunteer firefighter had to be rescued after being hit by a tree limb. authorities say he and another member of the volunteer fire department were working to free a patient from an suv that had gone down an embankment into the woods. we are told the crash victim was trapped and as the crews worked on extrication, a tree snapped onto one of the firefighters heads. we are told that his injuries appear to be non life- threatening. >> and carol cady plumbers being accused of unfair and deceptive practices. he and his two companies allegedly had unlicensed people performing plumbing work in charge fees for work they never did. barry simms is live in the newsroom. the attorney general is seeking a cease and desist order. >> that is right. the plumbing company has done work in hundreds of homes in baltimore city and neighboring communities.
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the slogan on the allstate plumbing and heating and cooling and signed may boost consumer confidence, but the maryland attorney general does not think the plumbing doctors have been operating within the law. they have been accused of performing services using unlicensed workers. >> you need to know that the plummer you are hiring is licensed and is, in fact, a plumber. you cannot call yourself a plumber if you do not have a license. >> the attorney general's office is at accusing allstate plumbing of charging hundreds of customers $150 for permits to install gas and electric water heaters and for inspections. the proposed work inspections were never done. we tried to talk to the owner, garrity, sr.te
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i want to talk to you about the allegations that were made. >> not right now. >> the state is seeking refunds pickax services that consumers paid for and did not get, we want them to return that money -- the state is seeking refunds. >> services that customers pay for and did not get. >> a hearing on the alleged violations is set for may 22. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is are to forget the big mess the 2009 water main break left behind in dundalk. now in dpw is showing off a new technology to prevent severe breaks like that in the future. it is called pipe diver, and is used on a certain type of
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concrete pipe that was manufactured back in the 1970's, like the one in dundalk. it goes down and inspect the condition of the pipe and identifies the location and level of the damage. >> this is really good news that this technology is there. we can really get a good feel for the next step we need to take to ensure public safety. >> the pipe diver is being used for the first time tonight. it is very lengthy process that will take up to eight weeks to get the data back to repair the main. >> the winner of the biggest lottery jackpot in rhode island history. >> fun at what she did after she learned she won. >> chilly temperatures will hang around tonight, but a warmup is coming our way.
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>> nearly a month after the drawing, a vibrant, a 81-year- old woman comes forward as the winner of the biggest powerball jackpot in history. >> she had a sudden urge for rainbow sherbet. she even had heard check made out to the rainbow sherbet trust fund. it is the third largest
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powerball jackpot in history. she took a lump-sum of $210 million. >> i am very happy and i am very proud. this will make my family very happy. we are truly blessed. thank you. >> her attorney says after learning she had won, she tucked away in the ticket in the safest place she knew, her bible. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the sixth day of march, 2012, a quiet one. sunny skies, a little chillier than normal. the normal is 50 degrees. 76 on this day in 1935. it can also be wintry in cold. 13 for the record low, 10 inches of snow for this day 50 years ago in what many consider the most powerful nor'easter of the 20th century went ripping up the and committed lantos, literally.
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-- ripping up the mid-atlantic coast, literally. it was just a tremendous storm a winter like hurricane. 40-foot waves were recorded on the delaware coast. 3 feet of snow in ounce to the west, a foot of snow around 3 feet of snow inc the mountains to the west. a huge storm is rolling up the mid atlantic coast 50 years ago, but look at how quiet it is now. all warm front passing to the north, will start to usher in a milder temperatures after tonight. it will get quite chilly, maybe down to 25 or so in some of the suburbs, 35 downtown.
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once this area of high pressure slips a little further east, the waves swing around to the south d southwest. that will push the warm front up toward new england and allow this mild air to spread east. 71 in denver right now, 66 in chicago. they are 24 degrees warmer than we are here in baltimore right now. you can see it on this map with all the yellow showing up into the upper midwest. minneapolis at 59 degrees, 80 in el paso, texas. sunny skies tomorrow and the southwest breeze. even though it will be cold in the morning, it will be a mild afternoon, and even into thursday, still unseasonably mild. the wet weather will slips out into baltimore later thursday night and eventually turn chillier. cool front will work its way down to virginia on friday.
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tomorrow, sunny and mild, 60-65. winds gusting to 20 knots. some rain coming in thursday afternoon. eastern shore locations, the high temperatures in the low 60's tomorrow and pushing towards 70 on thursday. a significant warmup at ocean city, well up into these 60's for a couple of days. we will bring a front in thursday night. wet weather cools assad friday. daylight savings time coming back sunday morning. to let him become -- 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m.. >> this is 11 sports. >> and the greyhounds will get national exposure, and few teams have worked harder or waited
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longer for it. the head coach and his players arrive back on campus today after capturing the conference championship last night in springfield, massachusetts. you can hear the applause. there was a nice turn out for the team, with great weather. the greyhounds will find out sunday who they play in the opening round of the n.c.a.a. tournament. eight years ago it looked like mission impossible when he first arrived. now they get their first trip to the dance in 18 years. >> i am really happy to be here. it was a great trip. springfield is a great place to be. we are looking forward to playing another game, that is for sure. >> maryland will open up against wake forest in the tournament on thursday afternoon. all we can run to the conference
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tournament title looks highly unlikely, but the coach wants his players to focus on the one thing they have complete control of, their efforts. >> we thought to the end in virginia. -- flocked to the end in virginia. scrapping and clawing, that is all i can ask. >> the johns hopkins men's lacrosse team continues with a great start to this season. the blue jays ran over manhattan, 11-0. an emotional win on the road, back home today. 4-0 hopkins, and it would get much more lopsided from there. late coppersmith should slow and finds the net. hopkins up and pulling away. he pumps it into the back of the
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net. hopkins goes on to defeat manhattan, 11-0. the first shut out for the blue jays since 1988. a scoreless inning today. the orioles making the trip to fort myers this afternoon. chris tillman striking out, giving up three runs in two innings of work. wilson going to the opposite field. the score is tied at four apiece, but the orioles unable to move forward from there. that fall to the red sox this afternoon in fort myers, 5-4. tom tasselmyer is back with the forecast, straight ahead. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive.
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>> which continue to follow the investigation to an accidental shooting death of a 13-rolled and baltimore city, and we ask a child psychiatrist to weigh in on this case. we'll have the latest on super tuesday. that is coming up on 11 news tonight at 11:00,
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x sunny and 63 tomorrow, almost 70 thursday. things look a lot going into the weekend. 50's friday, 40's saturday. things turned around on daylight savings day. spring forward one hour on sunday. >> thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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